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360° Auto Face Tracking Phone Holder

360° Auto Face Tracking Phone Holder

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Product color: Black, White, Pink
Rotation angle: 360 degrees
Flip: X: 360 ° (left and right) / Y: 180 ° (up and down)
Travel: Max: 8.2 / min: 5
Distance: minimum placement height 0 m, the distance needs to be ≥ 1 m to track
Tracking mode: the whole body and half body can effectively catch the dynamic tracking of characters
Speed: about 42 ° / S
Field of view: 105 degrees
Battery capacity: 1200 mHh
Endurance: about5 hours
Charging port: type-C
Power: 3.7V 1A
Fuselage size: 19.7 MM x95MMx95mm
Base size: 1-3M
Unit weight: About 310g


1. 360° Intelligent Face Recognition Tracking
2. Using IFLYTEK AI Chip Algorithm, It Can Follow Intelligently And Experience Better.
3. Intelligent Gesture Recognition
4. 360° Horizontal And Vertical Shooting Of Mobile Phone Stand, 180° Front And Rear Shooting
5. The Lens Can Be Adjusted Up And Down For Easy Shooting
6. Can Be Used With A Tripod With 1/4 Nut Interface (The Tripod Needs To Be Purchased Separately)

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